business owners & entrepreneurs!

do you EVER feel like you should be further in business (and life) by NOW?

What's been holding you back is YOU....

And nothing will shift - till you change. It's time to:

CRUSH Self-Imposed Limitations, 
 Unleash Your FULL POTENTIAL &
LIVE THE LIFE You Always Wanted

Transform Your MINDSET, Awaken Your RELENTLESS DRIVE and Create UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM... so that you can overcome any obstacles that are holding you back, build a thriving business and reach unpresedented levels of success all while prioritizing your mental, emotional, and physical well-being

your business will never outgrow you

Your business is only a reflection of YOU: your own discipline, your way of thinking, your own standards.


So, to change anything you must hyper-optimize yourself if you plan to SUCCEED long-term.
How you think, how you feel, how you function day to day creates the future of your business. There is no other way.

If you're, at times, experiencing any of the following:

👎 Indecisiveness, and self-doubt and overwhelm

👎 Feeling "stuck" and not knowing what to do next

👎 Lack of energy to complete things that must be done

👎 Feeling like time was wasted and nothing was achieved

👎 Not moving forward fast enough or worse, going backwards

👎 Inability to handle stress, let alone thrive from it

👎 Questionning if you "have what it takes"

👎 Lacking support by people in your environment

👎 Not feeling the best mentally, emotionally, even physically.....

It's time to prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally for what comes with building a SUCCESSFUL business long-term.


(Let's face it, there's plenty of businesses just barely getting by, but I'm assuming that's not why you're here).


Your dreams come with a high price that many aren't willing to pay.


Do you know how to handle stress and even THRIVE with it?


Do you know how to properly and effectively solve problems?


Do you still occasionally lose it under pressure?


Is your sleep quality being affected by your worrying?


Are you feeling energetic or lethargic daily?


Don't let yourself or your business become "average".


If you don't keep chasing the next version of you, you're risking to eventually:


👎Lose your drive, your motivation. 

👎Have low energy and feel exhausted.

👎Feel you're not accomplishing what you could be.

👎Feel like a loser, like you're complacent, average, mediocre.

(if you're not cringing right now at even the thought of the above, this may not be for you)

 Hyper-OPTIMIZE yourself: mentally, physically, emotionally...

Create unstoppable ENERGY so that you can be in the game long-term without burnout

 Maximize your TIME so that you get the biggest ROI. There is NO time to waste.

 Make smarter & quicker DECISIONS and not waste time or energy on indecisiveness

 Constantly adapt, REINVENT and think outside of the box so that you can stay on top

YOU have to get and stay on top of YOUR game so that your business can move forward, grow and succeed.

There are TWO PEOPLE you must pay attention to:



(with your current habits, behaviors, thinking patterns)


(who you will have to to become to reach new heights)

You must focus on the gap between those two people: the habits, behaviors, thinking patterns, emotional control, day to day functioning, skill level and the knowledge base that you're operating from vs changing the above to become the new you. 



Imagine that in a few short months, work less (if, at all) and have the business work for you.


Imagine yourself feeling more motivated, driven, and completing work in 1/4 of the time.


Imagine running your business (rather than it running you...)


What would that mean for you?


I can tell you that for one: you'd be managing yourself better.

Your morning would energize you for the day ahead.

You would feel like you're finally living the life you've been wanting.


How would your life, your time, and your bank account look differently?


You would have bought your time back.

You would have the true freedom to do what you want when you want.

You would increase your income.

Your relationships would get better.

Your mental health would be on point.


The solution is right in front of you.


You have to shift your focus and work on YOU:


✅ Optimize Your Mind & Body

✅ Reignite Your Drive & Passion

✅ Set Goals That Fire You UP!

✅ Create Lasting Motivation

✅ Achieve High-Performance Daily

so that you buy your time back, feel unstoppable, all while filling up your bank account.


That's what we'll do with you:


We'll help you operate at your absolute best level so that you can make your business work for you, not the other way around.

A true KPI is YOU: Your performance IS the KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR.

Optimize your body and your mind and drastically increase your performance (and therefore your income) in a few short months (there is no staying in place).

And that's just the start....



You have all that it takes to live that life you once dreamed of.


But YOU must be at your hyper-optimization.


Sales, marketing, calls, prospects..... EVERY SINGLE THING in your business depends on how well of a functioning human being you have been.


You are/were so driven and focused on growing your business, you forgot to put yourself in the equation.


And all you heard and read about business ownership had to do with money, marketing and growth.


Nobody ever told you how much you matter in your business when you are literally EVERYTHING when it comes to how far your business will go. 


Don't allow your competition to be ahead.


Use these secret hyper-optimization tools to advance yourself and become unstoppable.


Don't risk your competition surpassing you you and take all your business away - everything you worked for and risk being left with nothing.....




“I am a hard-headed and NOT very patient person, and yet I knew I needed to change some things. Leks was able to get through to me. She give me advice and strategies that were actually effective! This is just one of the things that sets her apart from other coaches who I've worked with in the past. Working with Leks is exactly what any high-achiever needs. SHE GETS IT! It takes an over-achiever and odds-beater to relate to other go-getters who don't take advice very well. She simply knows how to word things and get through to me.


That is exactly why I have and will continue to recommend Leks to my peers and clients, and whoever's reading this. She is a coach who helps people like us achieve our success without the expense of our physical health and personal relationships. She has helped me stay on top of my game mentally, physically, emotionally and I know she can help you too."       

- Jeremy Torisk, CEO & Speaker

“Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. I just wanted to feel better and move forward. I signed up with Leks and WOW!!! We got so granular about my life, about my habits, about what to tweak, the results were OUTSTANDING.


I was always so focused on sales and marketing to grow my business, but I have tripled my income since I started working with Leks a few months ago. I still cannot believe that such a change within me can make such an impact in my business.


If you're someone looking to move forward, and to feel better, get Leks to coach you. You will be blown away at the things you think you were doing right but definitely needed to change. 


The results are exponential. I cannot recommend this enough for any business owner."       

- Jason Ty, CEO & Speaker

Here's What About To Happen:

Instead letting your competitors outdo you, you will:


GET MORE DONE In One Day That Most Get In 3 Days


Create HIGH ENERGY BODY-MACHINE That Operates At It's Optimal Level Daily

Skyrocket Your PRODUCTIVITY And Drop All Procrastination - For Good

Uncover And CRUSH LIMITING BELIEFS That Have Been Hindering Your Success

BIOHACK YOUR BODY, Reverse age, And Feel YOUNG and VITAL 

All of that will allow you to:



HANDLE STRESS & Use It To Your Advantage



What that really means for YOU is:



SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY while the business is running and growing

MAKE THE BUSINESS WORK FOR YOU, not the other way around



STAND OUT From Your Competition


It all starts with YOU.

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“Leks is one of the most driven people I know. She has unstoppable energy. She makes it look so easy to stay fit, energetic and thriving. I finally approached her to show me how to operate on that high level all the time. It was the best thing I've done for myself. I feel like I have eliminated any self-perceived limits that I've had in the past. Her outlook is extremally unique and refreshing in the sea of "know-how" coaches. I highly recommend her to anyone striving to feel absolutely outstanding, have more energy , focus, drive and be the best version of themselves."

- Steven S., MD

“Leks is one of the most motivating, wise and strategic coaches. I don't know where I would be without her. She can see the path forward before I can fully understand it and guides me there through mental toughness, meditation and power of belief until it comes into reality. She is likely my personal superhero who fights the battle alongside of me until the goal or dream is conquered.


Anyone who has this woman in their life will be equipped to have their dream life and feel unstoppable on the path to achieving it."


- Krista Anderson, CEO

“I had anxiety my whole life. I took medication for it for over 20 years. I came to Leks for help with my thoughts, I just couldn't sort them out - ever. They seemed to overpower me. She assured me that I will see progress, but I have to admit, I wasn't so sure. I had almost fully given up on myself at that point, but I thought what the heck, let's do it, let's try one more time.


It doesn't help that I have a high-demanding job and always fear letting people down.


Within 3 months, I had an event happen at my job that I know would've set my anxiety through the roof in the past, yet I found myself calmly responding to a situation that lasted 1.5 days. I couldn't believe it! This was the first time since my childhood that I had felt in charge of my life. I'm in my 50s now.


I highly recommend Leks. She won't let you fail.”

- Miguel Z., CEO

"... I am stronger. I am more resilient. I feel liberated from limits I imposed.
I will be a part of her programs if I have to eat grass to keep it up! 

I feel unstoppable! Thank you for helping me find my life!"

- Elizabeth P., Entrepreneur

“Leks saved me from depression when I was recovering from cancer. She’s saving people. Leks helped me when I was broken and vulnerable. I never wanted pity. I wanted someone to see my potential and kick my butt! She did that for me!”

- Micail S., CEO

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The 6 phases of "Becoming Invincible":


Upgrade your energy & focus
(Re)create the momentum, by revisiting your vision of your future and getting extra deep and crystal clear on exactly what you want to be, do, have, achieve and why you want it. Set goals that FIRE YOU UP!!! Rekindle with the passion and wake up the beast inside.


PHASE 2: THE UNSTOPPABLE MACHINE: Hyper-optimize your body
Reach & maintain your personal peak performance, create unstoppable energy, great-quality sleep, boost your hormones and be at your A-game daily. This helps you become sharper, be unstoppable and dominate the field.


PHASE 3: THE UNBEATABLE MIND: Mental clarity & challenging stress 
Learn to compress time so that you can double, tripplle.... 10X your results. There is no limit once you get a full grasp on time-compression & leverage. Achieve things in your life at an ultra-fast pace. This is where you can tap into your limitless potential.


PHASE 4: SUCCESS RITUALS: am/pm habits, meditation/visualization, etc.
By building these practices, you will learn to elevate yourself to a level you haven't reached yet. Eliminate any self-sabotaging beliefs, develop laser-sharp focus, build patience, handle pressure, boost productivity and strengthen your willpower even more. These rituals help you smash your competition, get to and stay on top for years to come.


PHASE 5: THE ART OF SELF-CONTROL: Handle pressure & stress
Handle stress and thrive on pressure by learning how to respond (vs react) in any given situation and that way make it work for you. You'll be the one controlling your emotions, not the other way around. Take full charge of yourself through practice as that is what winners do. WINNERS stay calm at all times and make any situation work in their favor - be that person.


PHASE 6: GETTING CELLULAR: Increase longevity & reverse aging
What if your body could stay in its 20s? Could increase your lifespan?? Now we know for a fact - that IS possible. Using the latest biohacking techniques, we can influence longevity, and live a long, high-quality life. We can be ageless and vital, which for you means even more time to enjoy your outstanding success, create impact, wealth and freedom.

Everything you want is waiting for you to take action.

It all starts with you working on YOU, your mental & physical game.
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So, who is LEKS?

Leks, also known as "HercuLeks," is a powerhouse in the world of fitness, nutrition, and mindset.


With over 20 years of experience in disciplines such as boxing, kickboxing, bodybuilding, and more, Leks has honed a unique combination of skills and techniques that require discipline, self-control, and tapping into one's highest potential.


Her approach goes beyond physical conditioning and delves into the mental and emotional aspects of performance, encouraging her clients to dig deep within themselves and "unleash the beast mode" when needed.

As a business owner, Leks has opened, built, and run a high-6-figure fitness studio, serving hundreds of clients, including extreme-sports athletes, triathlon athletes, and Tough Mudder athletes.


Throughout the years, she has also worked with many business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them improve their mental, physical, and emotional well-being and achieve their goals.


Leks' passion for pushing herself and her clients to their limits led her to challenge herself yet again with bodybuilding, winning multiple competitions. She fell in love with anything that tests ones mental boundaries and challenges the person both mentally and physically.


This fascination with the power of the mind, mastery of self-control, and biohacking techniques led her to create a proprietary program that helps her clients become physically and mentally stronger and get on top of their A-game, like never before.


Combining physical and mental training, biohacking, neurohacking, meditation, mindset training, and emotional intelligence work, Leks has developed a revolutionary and unique system that helps her clients become high-performers and high-achievers on a daily basis.


Her clients learn to test and expand their limits, become more resilient, and conquer their minds, which, as Leks likes to say, "Conquer your mind, because it's the one thing that creates your life."


With her program, Leks helps her clients become invincible and maximize their potential.


Leks' work has been recognized for its excellence and featured on CBS, FOX, and US Daily Ledger, as well as local TV and radio stations. She has received an award for the fastest-growing business in the fitness/health industry and co-wrote a best-seller, "The Fad Diet," with like-minded fitness trainers around the US.


Overall, Leks' unique approach to sports, fitness, and mental and emotional training has made her a respected figure in the industry, and her clients swear by her transformative methods.

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Only 2 spots left for this month.


“Thank you for everything, Leks!! Your coaching has given me my life back. I am so much happier and have seen so much growth in myself (and loss - physically!). 


I cannot even recognize who I was 3 months ago. I just cannot thank you enough.


And for those thinking about working with her, I cannot recommend her more. She goes above and beyond to make sure you succeed." 

- Megan W., special ed teacher

"I came to Leks for help without even knowing where the problem was. I just knew I was feeling that I wasn't at my best. In just 3 short months, I'm feeling like a brand-new person! As Leks says, I have created the new version (and upgraded) of me. Thanks to Leks, I never felt better about myself, I am confident and I feel like I have full mental, emotional control over myself and my body has never been this fit. This program has completely changed my life."


- Milena L., Extreme-sports competitor

"Thanks to Leks' guidance, I got stronger physically and mentally and got in the best shape of my life! I have started creating positive new habits with Leks help.

Leks helps you navigate and really dig deep inside yourself to find out what works for you."


- Madison H., Yoga Instructor

"I'm forever thankful that Leks has helped me keep my mind so focused on what is important to what life is really suppose to be needed to be done.  Leks helped me identify my struggles in our work together.

I am down 53lbs and my body is down by whooping 82%!!!!

I have changed my beliefs, my mindset and relationship with myself and with food since I have known Leks. I had to let go of all the vices and what it was doing to me and realize why I was "golding" onto it!

It's a way of lifestyle, mindset and how you treat yourself. Its not the image its the feeling!"


- Deborah H., SAHM

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You are a winner, aren't you?



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